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Embedded Digital display meter WE6301

WE6301 series digital display meter (N96 series 96×96 embedded Ethernet version) is a miniature electric measuring instrument developed by our company based on many years of electric meter design experience. According to the measurement function, it can be divided into: multi-function meter, voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, active power meter, reactive power meter, power factor meter, etc. The meter adopts LCD/LED display, can set clock and other parameters, and has the function of electric energy pulse output; RS485 communication interface can be used to realize data exchange with the upper computer, which greatly facilitates the automation of electricity management. The meter has the advantages of small size, high precision, good reliability, and convenient installation. It is very suitable for buildings, shopping malls, convention and exhibition centers, schools, airports, ports, factories and other power-consuming places.

Key features

Rich measurement functions.

Multi-channel signal detection and output.

Smart relay control.

Rich auto display, push-button display, high resolution display items.

High precision RTC clock and calendar.

485, Ethernet communication.

High-capacity storage for curve data, event recording, etc.. 

Remote firmware upgrade.

Three-phase three and three-phase four adaptation.

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